Learning Outcomes and Introduction

When you have completed reviewing these workshop materials, you will be able to:

  • Explain how Copyright and Creative Commons Licensing are related
  • Describe what Open Education and Open Resources are and why they are important
  • Find OER related to your specific disciplines
  • Know where to get help!

There are several concepts I will walk you through here before showing you how to find OER related to various subjects.  So, we will first look at Copyright and Creative Commons Licencing and discuss how they work together, and the implications each has for you as a content creator and adaptor.

Next, we will discuss Open Education and Open Educational Resources which we will follow with the meat of this workshop;  how and where to find OER that relate to various subjects.

Finally, we will talk about how creating, using, and adapting OER can reduce or remove barriers for your students, since that is what investing time in OER should be all about.